A highly durable roof coating that restores & protects your homes roof, no matter what the elements throw at it

The 5 stages of a roof coating will completely transform even the most derelict of roofs, giving them the colour & appearance of a brand new roof.

Independent tests carried out by the Paint Research Association (PRA) show that our coatings are exceptionally durable & will perform well, with good colour stability for more than 10 years.

We use only the highest quality products from Andura & our roof coatings come with Thermokote World Leading Nano & Insulating Technologies.

Roof Coating - 5 Stage Process - 01 Washing

STAGE 1 – Cleaning The Roof

Where required, scaffolding will be erected.

To ensure protection of your garden & the objects within it, we will remove any garden furniture, plant pots & other loose objects, plus cover the surrounding areas with tarpaulins where necessary.

A pressure washer is used to ensure that the roof is completely clean & free of dirt, moss, algae & lichen’s.

Roof Coating 5 Stage Process - 02 Biocide Chemical Washing

STAGE 2 – Biocide Chemical Wash

The Andura fungicide bio-chemical wash is applied by means of spray to penetrate roof tiles and kill of growth embedded into the tiles.

The residue of this Biocide remains on the tiles as a barrier for extra protection.

STAGE 3 – Restoration & Repair

All cracked or broken tiles will be replaced, repoint to all ridge’s verges, valleys & gable ends if required.

STAGE 4 – Application

The first coat of Andura Roof-Guard is applied. After allowing it to dry, the second coat is applied. This not only provides a tough durable finish, it also enhances appearance & provides your home with all year-round protection, making your roof look like new again.

STAGE 5 – Final Clean Up

Remove all excess materials, & clean the surrounding areas, leaving your property looking like new again.



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