The plentiful features & benefits for your home when a HomeStyle roof Coating has been applied.


The plentiful features & benefits for your home when a HomeStyle roof Coating has been applied.

About Your Roof

With climate change happing the weather in Britain is changing, it’s therefore no surprise that for many homeowners our roofs can become a problem due to water ingress, colour fading or bio-infestation such as moss algae and lichen. That’s why we offer a full roof coating service to protect your home from the weather elements from the top down, making it looking like a new roof.

The transformation begins even before our roof coatings is applied

We use a high-pressure bio-wash to remove all growth & contaminants. Your roof will look revitalised even at this stage! After any repairs are done to ensure a solid roof & that no water ingress will occur in the future. You’ll have a choice of colours from our industry-leading Andura range of roof coatings (not available in stores), which are professionally applied. Our roof coatings come with Thermakote World Leading Nano & Insulating Technologies making your roof looking like new again.

Features & Benefits – Roof Coatings

  • Total rejuvenation of your roof
  • Weatherproof and breathable. protecting your home
  • Reduces heat loss in winter
  • Reduces excessive heat gain in summer
  • Reduces your energy bills
  • Resists Moss Lichen growth on roof tiles
  • Acid Rain & pollution resistant
  • Colour Fast, available in a choice of colours
  • Gutters clear of moss, sand & aggregate
  • Gives appearance of a new roof
  • Can improve house values
  • An affordable alternative to re-roofing
  • 10-year, product and satisfaction guarantee



HomeStyle Coatings are responsible for many truly remarkable restoration & regenerating roof coatings.

Take a look at a the fantastic results that our roof coating crews achieve each & every time in our roof coating before & after gallery.


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