The 5 stage exterior wall coating process that will completly revitalise your homes exterior walls

There are 5 key stages we undertake in order to achieve the perfect wall coating for your home.

Andura’s wall coating system eliminates the need for frequent house painting & unnecessary maintenance of your homes exterior walls. It is applied by our very own highly skilled wall coating crews who have many years’ experience within the wall coating industry. Andura’s flexible resin, breathable wall coatings are specifically formulated to provide excellent weather resistance, outstanding durability, colour fastness & long life.

STAGE 1 – Preperation

All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned by either power washing or if needed wire brushing. Years of grime, carbonation builds up; mould, algae and any other contaminants are removed.

All loosely adhered or delaminated existing paintwork is removed. In certain instances, a process known as needle-gunning may be required (subject to survey). This will identify any damaged render, brickwork, roughcast, pebbledash, masonry etc. A bio-chemical solution is applied to eliminate any underlying spores and prohibit any further re-growth in years to come.

Homestyle Coatings Wall Coating - 5 Stage Process - 02 Masking Up

STAGE 2 – Masking Up

This process is protection to all doors, windows, paths and surrounding areas that are not being treated. This is achieved by masking up with masking tape, heavy duty paper, polythene and dust sheets.  Great care is taken to protect driveways and adjoining properties, your property will be left in a clean and tidy condition.

Homestyle Coatings Wall Coating - 5 Stage Process - 03 Restoration & Repair

STAGE 3 – Restoration & Repair

Damaged render and decaying brickwork are removed and all cracks are chased out. Fibre re-enforced polymer cements are used for repairs to ensure a perfect bond. Great care is taken to blend in repair work as much as possible. Previous unpainted areas such as brickwork/roughcast are then bag washed. with polymer modified mortar to fill small air holes and soften any brick lines whilst retaining all architectural features.

STAGE 4 – Primer/Sealer 

During this stage we apply a high penetrating primer and sealer with a built-in curing agent. The Primer coat also stabilises the substrate and forms the perfect key for the finish/top coat. The finish top coat bonds with the Primer coat to form a bond of incredible strength.

Homestyle Coatings Wall Coating - 5 Stage Process - 05 Application

STAGE 5 – Application 

Using specialist spray equipment, Our Coating is applied up to 20 times thicker than masonry paint; a minimum of 1.5 Kilos is applied to very square meter.  The textured finish helps conceals any repair work and dries to a beautiful uniform finish, following completion.



From derelict to delightful! It’s amazing to witness the magical regenerating effect that happens when a HomeStyle Coating is applied to your homes exterior walls.

Here are just some of the amazing transformations that our expert wall coating crews have carried out over many years within the wall coating industry.


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